Protection Gear & Racks
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Protection Gear & Racks

Protect yourself and your family on your next 4×4 holiday in Sydney with bull bars and roof racks

Protection Gear & Roof Racks Sydney

Whether you’re a frequent tourer or just an occasional off-roader, Australia’s remote areas and ever-changing conditions can be brutal on factory vehicles. Throw in the clear-and-present danger of an animal collision, and quality vehicle protection gear becomes a must-have. Unfortunately, 4×4 drivers often find out the hard way that their factory-equipped vehicle can sustain severe damage in an animal strike. Emphasising safety for all your off-road adventures can make your next off-road holiday a stress-free experience for everyone.Think bull bars, roof racks and 4×4 suspension, and then contact T&G 4×4 for all your 4wd safety needs.

For all the leading bull bar brands, visit T&G 4×4

Bull Bars Sydney

T&G 4×4 provide a range of bull bars for Sydney’s 4×4 drivers. For industry-leading frontal protection, ask us about the ARB bull bar. Sydney’s 4×4 enthusiasts will appreciate the ARB bull bar’s engineering, functionality and aesthetics. If you’re an off-road fanatic, looking for something more heavy duty, but with an elegant look, you may want to consider the Xrox bull bar. The Xrox is lighter than traditional bull bars, with an intelligent Aussie design, adjusted to Australia’s diverse conditions. This bull bar is for Sydney 4×4 drivers looking for extreme and versatile off-roading capabilities. It is equipped with hi-lift jack points, as well as positions for winches, recovery eyes, aerials, tow hooks, and sand flags. Before your next off-road adventure, visit our store to assess the design of these and the many other bull bar systems we have in stock.

Roof racks and accessories to keep you protected

Roof Racks Hawkesbury, Sydney

We also retail a range of additional protection accessories, such as side rails and rock sliders, to protect sill panels and rear bars. We stock underbody protection plates, covering those delicate internal organs of your vehicle, such as fuel tanks, engine sumps, radiators, gearbox and transfer casings. All off roaders know that damage to these can leave you high and dry!

If you need a4×4 mechanic, or are interested in the roof racks and bull bars we have available, speak to a team member on (02) 4577 5044. T&G 4×4 is committed to providing all our customers with reliable and trusted brands to ensure safety and longevity.

No More Car Boot Tetris: Sydney Motorists Can Install a Roof Rack with Us Today!

Roof Rack Sydney

We know our customers often rely on their 4x4 vehicles for both work and play. They might be weekday tradesman, but enjoy loading up the vehicle for frequent weekenders with the family. You can extend the versatility of your 4x4 with a roof basket or roof rack. Sydney’s off-roaders can store camping gear or other bulky items – Dad’s underused long board, say! – for trips down the South Coast of NSW, or load the kids’ mountain bikes onto roof racks for Hawkesbury River mountain-biking adventures. With roof racks, Sydney’s tradesman can secure their heavy equipment. When heading off on your next holiday, there’s no need to play those frustrating games of car boot Tetris. Restless kids want to be on the road – and so do you! Roof racking or baskets make loading your vehicle easier and simpler. We carry a wide range of roof racks and basket options and will assist you in providing the right system for your needs.

A Roof Rack for All Those Hawkesbury Outdoor Activities

Roof Rack Hawkesbury

Heading north-west from Sydney to the beautiful Hawkesbury region or the Blue Mountain’s world-famous national parks? There are many things to do in the Hawkesbury, especially for outdoor-types, from motorcycle tours, to water sports, to golf. But have you fitted a roof rack? Hawkesbury’s outdoor adventurers can come to T&G 4x4 for all your roof rack needs. Or perhaps you’re a Hawkesbury local heading down to Sydney for a weekend on the state capital’s beautiful beaches? Whatever the case, you’re taking your 4x4! T&G 4x4 can find the right roof rack for Hawkesbury’s locals next beach holiday, so you can load up the surfboard and the kids’ body boards, or any other bulky items.

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