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Trip Inspections & Rego

Pre and Post Trip Inspections

Getting ready and heading away on your trip is exciting and at the top of your to do list should be having your vehicle checked thoroughly be our qualified technician’s. A check over of your vehicle fluid’s, suspension, steering, underbody, tyre’s, lighting and a full report on any issues that could possibly arise during your trip is a great way to ensure you have a safe and memorable trip. A post trip check over is also a good way to make sure your vehicle has come back in good shape and also attend to any issues , so your vehicle is ready for the next adventure.



Rego Inspections & Restraint

T & G 4x4 is a registered and unregistered pink, blue and gas inspection station for vehicle’s, trailer and motorcycles. We are also a RMS certified restraint, additional seat and seat belt fitting station.