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Suspension & Airbags

Whatever Your Adventure in Sydney – Safety First With 4wd Air Suspension

4×4 Suspension & Airbags – Sydney

Suspension is one the most important aftermarket additions we believe you can make to your 4WD, not only does it allow for additional accessories and load carrying, it also gives you greater ground clearance and allows for a greater tyre selection. At T&G our team of 4×4 enthusiasts and skilled mechanics can enhance the effectiveness of your vehicle’s 4×4 suspension. Sydney motorists can trust our attention to detail to deliver the best results for after-market modifications, and with some of the most recognised brands in suspension on offer such as Tough Dog, Boss, Polyair, you know are you are in good hands.

Providing 4×4 air suspension fitting to Penrith and the greater Sydney area

4X4 Suspension Sydney

At T&G 4×4 we know that handling can be compromised when factory suspension is pushed beyond its (often narrow) limits. With our comprehensive services, directed at improving the stability of your 4×4’s suspension, Penrith and Sydney locals know to turn to our expert mechanics for a faultless suspension upgrade installation. Our team of 4×4 specialists and technicians are happy to talk to you about your suspension queries, importance of using trusted brands like Tough Dog, and assist you in tailoring a suspension package to suit your vehicle’s requirements. Whether you want just a mild lift for that additional height and load, or you want to push the boundaries, T&G 4×4 are here to help.

4X4 Suspension in Castle Hill, Richmond, Rouse Hill, Annangrove, Penrith, Windsor & Surrounding Suburbs

Handling is also a factor that is compromised when factory suspension is pushed beyond its capabilities. Even more reason for a suspension upgrade to be high your list of vehicle adjustments. Adequate 4wd suspension for Penrith or Sydney’s well-paved roads is often no match for the kind of off-road conditions a typical T&G 4×4 customer craves. Many of our customers want to see how far they can push their vehicles, whilst also maintaining the safety and customer of all passengers. If this sounds like you, you should consider air bag suspension. Sydney 4×4 enthusiasts will find in air bag suspension improved braking and steering capabilities, increased load carrying capabilities, as well as enhanced driver and passenger comfort levels. And with air bag suspension, Sydney drivers can also be safe in the knowledge that body roll has been eliminated.

Contact us for 4wd air suspension services

Keep your 4×4 safe with air suspension, and practical with towbars and roof racks, and tailor to your needs with Tough Dog, Boss, Polyair and some of the biggest brands on the market. Contact us on (02) 4577 5044 or email

Well-located for NSW’s 4x4 Fanatics

4X4 Suspension in Castle Hill, Richmond, Rouse Hill, Annagrove, Penrith, Windsor & Surrounding Suburbs

Our customers often complain that their factory-fitted suspension is not quite cutting it in the rear, or they are looking for assistance with extra load capabilities. Their beloved 4x4 has a double identity, used in both work and play. In these cases, we often recommend the robustness of an airbag suspension system. Customers looking for such 4x4 suspension, whether in Rouse Hill or Castle Hill, Windsor, Anangrove, Penrith, Richmond and surrounding suburbs, should look no further than T&G 4x4. For those of you who require frequent use or just want everything adjustable right at your fingertips, in both cab-adjustable and wireless kits, we have products that will suit your needs.

We are a short drive for 4x4 suspension from Annagrove, Richmond or Rouse Hill. Or hop into your 4wd for an easy half-hour drive from suburbs like Castle Hill or Penrith. For customers seeking 4x4 suspension in Windsor, we’re just around the corner.


Another addition to your vehicle suspension is an airbag system. If you only need that additional help in the rear occasionally to assist with extra load or you need your 4wd to double as work and play in airbag system might be the right option for you.

And for those of you who require frequent use or just want it all at your fingertips in cab adjustable and wireless kits are available to suit your needs.

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